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21st Apr


weekly meal planning 101

My two biggest tips for not eating bad food during the week is to:

A) Not have that stuff on hand

B) Prepare real whole food meals at home

My biggest tip for being able to make those meals at home? Have a plan!

Weekly meal planning is the most important thing I do to keep my family healthy. By having a plan I know we’ll  be eating clean, nutrient dense food that’s fresh, in season and local whenever possible.

I put my meals together by taking stock of what I already have on hand, checking what’s coming in my weekly CSA delivery and seeing what’s in season at the farmer’s market.

Here’s a peek at my meal plan this week:

Sunday: leftovers! spring vegetable corn chowder and cabbage salad

Monday: pulled pork tacos with raddish and apple slaw

Tuesday: broccoli frittata with spring onions and bitter greens salad

Wednesday: mushroom & bok choy soup with kale potato puffs

Thursday: Buddha bowls with leftovers!

Friday: Beet salad with pan seared portabella mushrooms

Saturday: leftovers!

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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