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28th Oct


The home birth story of William Joseph Buckaroo Cleary!


Hello followers and likers of Dayvacare! I have been away for three months on the most exciting and wild ride of my life. On July 13th  at 1:52 pm my son came into this world in all of his light and glory. We have spent the last three months getting to know each other and falling in love.


In the spirit of Dayvacare and all things healthy and natural, I thought I would briefly share with you little Bucky’s journey into this world and my journey into motherhood. In the coming months you will find lots more blog posts recounting the past three months and all of my new endeavors with Dayvacare.


I took an active role in my pregnancy as we prepared for our home birth. We had an amazing birth team of wonderful women headed up by the best midwife in the whole world Davi Kaur Khalsa of TLC Midwifery Center. On Davi’s recommendation (or should I say direct order!) from our very first prenatal appointment I was walking 5 miles a day, 5 days a week right up to the day before Buck was born. Walking is the best exercise for toning the uterus as well as getting your body in great shape for the endurance required for labor and delivery.


My early labor started at 7 pm on Friday July 12th. My husband and I had gone for a walk down to the beach to watch the sunset. I had the feelings something was starting to happen, even if I was not quite ready to believe it. I was 8 days past my estimated due date but I had decided early on that I would be patient and let this baby come when he was good and ready. At our 41 week stress test, the doctor had reassured us that everything was going great, so there was nothing more to do but let go and trust the process. That was the mantra through the whole labor for me: let go and trust the process.


From 9 pm until 11 pm I rested in the bathtub, then went to bed. At some point in the middle of the night lying in bed no longer felt comfortable. I got back in the bathtub and my husband and I gently labored on. By 6 am I needed a bit more support getting comfortable so we called our doula and she arrived at our home a half hour later


From 6:30-9:30, things really picked up and got intense. We labored all over the house, from the bedroom to the shower to the toilet, walking around the living room and back to the bedroom. With the support of my husband and doula, I never felt out of control. Between the waves of intensity my doula would massage me and I would rest. I was able to focus deeply on my breathing, making low deep sounds. I kept telling my baby to move down, letting him know he was safe and I was ready for him to arrive.


My water broke at 9:12 am and we called our midwife to let her know. I had been eager to get into the birthing tub, and when Davi gave me the OK I will tell you, I have never felt such relief in my WHOLE LIFE.  Shortly after 10 am she arrived and I cried with joy to see her come into the room. She checked my cervix and let me know I was 8 centimeters dilated! Again, I cried with pure joy. I quickly dilated to 10 centimeters while in the tub and was finally ready to push by 10:30.


The baby’s head was a little off center so Davi had me get into lots of different positions to try and move his head into the right place. This was definitely not the most comfortable I have ever been, but once I began pushing I really enjoyed it. Finally there was something for me to actively do during each wave. We pushed for three hours, but I hardly noticed the time. I sure was thankful for all the walking I had done because boy, I needed that endurance!


During the pushing my birth team fed me chunks of watermelon and coconut water to keep my energy up. This is just one of the many perks of a home birth… you get to eat and drink! I pushed in about 5 different positions, the best one being a squat in which I held onto the footboard of my bed. It was so nice to have the freedom to find the position that worked and felt best for me.


The final position had me lying in bed, leaning against my husband. At 1:52 pm, our baby came into this world. Once his shoulders came out, I reached down and lifted him onto my belly. We’d planned to do the “birth crawl” and sure enough he wormed his way up to latch onto my breast. PURE BLISS!!


We still didn’t know if it was a boy or girl so we just kept saying “Welcome! Welcome! You’re finally here!!” It surprised me, but at this point I didn’t cry with joy as I had expected. I just kept gazing at this perfect little being in total awe. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Wow. I created you in my belly for nine months and pushed you out into the world. Now here you are breathing the same air as me!” It was a humbling experience and still is every time I look into his beautiful blue eyes.


I’m fully aware how rare it is that for a first time birth we had a relatively easy and short experience. Aside from giving birth in the tub, it was almost exactly the birth we had planned. When I look back on the experience I’m overcome with feelings of gratitude. From that moment on, my life has been richer and more blessed. He is a pure light and love.


Birth is a rite of passage for women and their stories are sacred. No two births are alike and it’s important for women to have a chance to tell their story. Just like every woman, each birth is unique and special.


In the coming months, I’ll be recording a podcast of birth stories from lots of different mamas. If you’re interested in telling your story, contact me.  ~Dayva

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2013-11-11 11:43:01 Reply


Nora Smith

2013-11-11 11:55:04 Reply

I feel the joy of your birth story and I’m so glad I got this glimpse of the adventure of your boy’s birth. I birthed at home as well with similar gratitude, almost 2 months ago. I’ll keep tuned into your blog through fb to keep learning and reading your words.
Kisses to your boy,


2013-11-14 05:03:13 Reply

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home birth story with us. I birthed at home 30 years ago…a tub would have been a nice addition to the labor experience. I hope your story inspires others to bring their babies into the world in the care and comfort of their own homes.

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