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1st Oct


Sauerkraut: A probiotic dream food

In keeping with my good bugs, immune boosting, gut health theme, today I’m talking about sauerkraut and showing you just how easy-peasy it is to make.

Sauerkraut is another one of those foods that will cost you $5-$8 a jar and literally costs about $2.50 to make. OK, now I admit sometimes I will spend a pretty penny on certain foods that I could potentially make at home for the shear convenience of it, BUT, Sauerkraut is so easy to make it practically makes it self. No joke.

Again I can never stress enough the importance of eating probiotic rich fermented foods to help maintain optimum health. The more I read up on chronic illnesses it seems it always comes back to gut health. So if probiotic rich food contribute to good gut health and good gut health contributes to good overall health than we should all be eating at least a little sauerkraut at every meal. How do we do this without breaking the bank? We make it (or really, let it make it) at home.

I’m not kidding when I say it’s easy, here ya go:

1 head cabbage (red or green)

1 Tbl sea salt


slice cabbage and mix in a bowl with sea salt. massage it for a few minutes with your hands.

leave it on the counter while you go do something else (anywhere from 5-30 min). Come back and massage it some more. You’ll notice the cabbage is “crying” sort of and there should be a good amount of juice at the bottom of the bowl (this is your brine). Transfer the cabbage and brine to a clean quart size mason jar and pack it down firmly so the cabbage is all submerged under the brine. If you feel there is not enough brine just add a little water, don’t worry it will mix into the brine. Now cover tightly with a lid and leave it on the counter. Every day check on it and pack it down a little to make sure everything is staying submerged, you’ll also want to “burp” the jar when the pressure starts to build a little just buy opening the it and then closing it again. in about a week taste it. It probably wont be ready yet but I like to taste it once a week for about 2-3 weeks. That’s when you will start to notice that sour sauerkraut flavor. When it reaches your desirable flavor (some like it more sour than others, more sour = more time) stick it in the fridge. Done.

The sauerkraut will remain good in the fridge for months but since you will be eating some at every meal I hope it doesn’t last you more than a couple of weeks 🙂

One last thing to note. If it seems bubbly or tastes like sparkling wine that means its working. Don’t throw it out. That’s the good stuff 🙂


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Lisa Rubin

2014-10-02 06:17:11 Reply

Wow, easy recipe! I always thought the recipe had vinegar in it. That must be the fermentation. Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes and constant upbeat messages.

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