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12th Mar


Raw Chocolate Munchies!

Back in my other life when I consumed refined foods and processed sugar like a true junk food junky I could not pass up a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate coconut munchkin. Lucky for me I worked in the advertising industry for the better part of twelve years so it was not uncommon to come across a whole box of them at any number of meetings throughout the day. I hate to think of the number I consumed of these little guys and the thought of it now gives me that gross feeling on the roof of my mouth. If you’ve ever had a Dunkin’ Donut you know what I am talking about. Some kind of weird rancid oil concoction that these things are made with and cooked in. YUCK.

You can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon this recipe at Fox in the Kitchen. True I was on a hunt for a macaroon recipe but when I rolled these little guys in coconut they more resembled my dear old friend the munchkin more than a macaroon.

I keep mine in the fridge which actually makes them more the consistency of a chocolate truffle.

So if you like chocolate and coconut and truffles and once upon a time even downed a few hundred munchkins you are going to LOVE this. I’m not going to lie I even ate one after I had my breakfast this morning since there is nothing junky in here. Just real clean food.


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