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Postpartum Doula Care

The first weeks and months after a baby is born is a beautiful and sacred time but it can also be a time of anxiety, self doubt and worry.  As your postpartum doula I will help your family gently transition into your new roles.

My work is focused on nurturing and nourishing a woman after the birth of her baby. By combining elements from different cultures postpartum practices I make sure the new mamas I work with are given ample time to rest, recover and bond with their new baby. I’m also going to make sure you know how amazing and badass you are and really be able to tap into the innate wisdom you have when it comes to being a mother.

My goal is to empower each family to trust in their natural ability to be the best parents for their child. Through praise, guidance and education I will help you get off to the best start possible.

To check availability please call  617-817-7666 or by email


“Having Dayva as my postpartum doula was the best experience a new mom can have! She’s very knowledgeable about babies. She gave me a lot of support in the first few weeks and made me a confident mom in the following weeks. I felt very taken care of. Not only did she help me to run the household, she also cooked delicious and nutritious meals, which provided a good milk supply, and advised me on how to deal with challenges of having a baby. With Dayva’s support I was able to get enough sleep and rest and have enough energy to focus on the baby. Dayva provided me with valuable resources, which only a mother of a young child can know. Dayva is super nice and she’s great with little children. I highly recommend Dayva.” -ET

“Retrospectively, I can now say that making the decision to have Dayva by our sides as support during those first crucial days with our newborn was the most effectual choice I made throughout the whole experience. It’s true that some people possess a natural ability to take care of others and fluently allow them to find their own feet. Dayva is a glorious friend and an utterly superb Doula”. – DR

“I entered fatherhood the same way I entered the experience of having a Doula. Completely unknown. Dayva’s support was incredible from the excitement of the very first contraction to the home preparation and help with new parental guidance. If either my wife or I were too tired or shell shocked to think, Dayva would have already thought of it, devised a solution and be cooking a delicious homemade soup at the same time. A treasure. -CR

I found Dayva after visiting a friend postpartum who seemed surprisingly calm and at ease. It turned out her secret was Dayva, and since I was expecting any day at that point, I hired Dayva right away, she exceeded any of my expectations! My husband’s too (he’s still talking about the breakfast in bed she surprised us with on the first day). Dayva is SUCH a gift, a fabulous masseuse, friend, chef, expert about the body post-birth and the infant baby, and so incredibly intuitive about what a couple in those early newborn weeks truly need. She does more to set a household and family on the right track in a few hours than relatives (well-meaning though they may be) could do alone in a whole week. And with so much love and joy! I’ve been telling everyone about her, seriously, I’m so grateful to have had Dayva in our lives during those momentous first days home. -SB

“Dayva nurtures and cares for her family, friends, and clients not only on a physical level, but on an emotional level as well. Dayva connects deeply with those who cross her path from the moment she says hello. For those reasons and many more, it was a no brainer for me to gift her doula services to my good friend who is having twins. I want my friend to be lifted up by Dayva’s love and support the way I am.” -TG

“I didn’t even think I needed a post partum Doula but after the birth of my daughter I realized how naive I was.  Dayva swooped in and saved me-squeezed me into her already busy schedule and gave my family the support love and guidance we needed.  We wish she would come live with us forever.” – RJ

“Day​va is a doula diva. She has a load of talents, but her prominent quality is a strong but soft presence. She is very mannered and respectful of subtle nuances of vulnerability and being in another person’s home and around newborns. She knew what I needed. I didn’t have to ask her. She is always a few steps ahead. The very first second she walked into my space I trusted her. My kids trusted her too. She’s solid like a rock to stand on, but subtle and soft as a feather.” -MH

“You’ve hit the jackpot with Dayva. She is knowledgeable and experienced as a doula and a mom herself. She will respond to your questions honestly, professionally, with compassion and no judgment. Her warm, generous spirit will provide you with the comfort and confidence you need during these unique moments in your new life. She’s an absolute gem.” -EH

“After taking my baby home from being in the NICU for 10 days, Dayva was the light at the end of a dark tunnel for us.  Not only did she visit us in the hospital and bring delicious healing foods, but the second I got home she wrapped my whole family in a blanket of nurturing and nourishing care.  I didn’t even have to think.  Dayva was always a step ahead of me and knew exactly what I needed even before I did.  Such a gift to a new mom. She helped me heal emotionally and physically and I will always be grateful to her for the way in which she showed up to serve during such a vulnerable time.  Everything she does, from cooking to giving gentle baby care guidance and beyond, is done with love. I tell every new mom to work with her.”  JB