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18th Apr


Passover porridge

This recipe was inspired by a recent trip we took to Berkley to visit some good friends. One morning I had a really delicious savory porridge at a very cute cafe. At the last minute I asked them to throw on some chopped dates and I am SO glad I did!

Ever since we got home I have been making my own version of this a few times a week. It’s warm and filling but also light so you can enjoy it even in the warmer weather. Buckwheat, despite having the word “wheat” in it’s name is actually more of a seed and completely gluten free.

Since there are still a few days left of Passover I felt now was a perfect time to post this recipe and give you a break from all the matzo you might be eating 🙂

Kasha porridge:

Before going to bed soak 1 cup of Kasha (toasted buckwheat) in a bowl of water. No measurement needed just fill the bowl with water to cover the kasha.

In the morning drain the kasha and combine with 1 cup of water in a small pot

cook over med heat until water is absorbed (this will only take a couple of minutes)

put the porridge in a bowl and top with:

2-3 pinches sea salt

1-2 Tbl sesame oil

2 Tbl sesame seeds

3 pitted dates chopped


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