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10th Jun


#momlife Laugh it off and move on.

I’m not going to lie folks, It’s been a rough few days at the Dayvacare household. We’re all getting over colds, the baby has 4 teeth coming in at the same time, hubs had minor surgery and we’re all a little overtired. A true recipe for “dark cloud syndrome”.

Monday morning I woke up a lot less “sunny” than usual. True it’s June gloom here in Venice California so there was an actual haze blanketing everything but the dark cloud I’m talking about was hanging just above my head. One of those mornings when you just want to fuss right along with the baby who wants to be held while you are simultaneously trying to make breakfast and put in a load of laundry and maybe not say a very nice “good-bye” to hubs who is headed out the door for work. Definitely NOT one of my finer moments.

With the redesign of the baby’s room making it safe for him to play alone for a few minutes unattended I started emptying the dishwasher and sent a few texts.

About 3 minutes go by and baby makes a sound that’s not crying but a sound new to me. I rush into his room to check on him and he isn’t there. I walk into my room 2 feet away calling his name (a little frantic I might add) and I still don’t see him. Just then I hear him make a little noise and I whip my head around to the bathroom. There he is in all of his 11 month old glory standing proud as can be holding onto the toilet with one hand and in the other hand a sopping wet wad of toilet paper. I yell his name, more out of shock and awe and less out of anger. He looks up at me with a HUGE grin on his face. I look into the toilet and see a small octopus toy floating at the bottom of the bowl. I look back at him and just start laughing. He takes this as a cue to start laughing as well. He looks back and forth from the bowl to me admiring his work. The next thing I said to him was “Wow! that’s pretty impressive! You actually picked the toy that would be found in the sea to drop in the toilet!” We both laughed and I thanked him for helping me to see the ridiculousness in life.

I laughed at the mildewy toilet that was in desperate need of a cleaning. I laughed at the list of chores I had made when I woke up. I laughed at the stress I had been feeling from the unfinished blog post I started on Friday. I laughed at how dark I had felt a few hours earlier and how much lighter I felt now. I was still totally exhausted but I could see the light. I was reminded of something someone told my husband when the baby was born about being in a tunnel and not a cave. Sometimes it’s dark but up ahead there is light.

I love when things like this happen to me. Stories I can share about the unglamorous side of being a mom. It’s affirming to know that we all have these dark days even though we LOVE our kids and we LOVE being moms.

We need to be reminded however, to laugh it off and move on. In the dark moments it can be so easy to focus on all the negative things and forget that the clouds pas. Just like June gloom burns off around 2pm to let the sun shine for the rest of the day.

I like the idea of being OK with the fact that not everyday is going to be awesome and flow smoothly. This is real life after all. Toilets are going to be dirty, laundry and dishes need to get done, baby’s nose may be constantly runny due to the 4 teeth coming in and I may be way overdue to take that toenail polish off from the pedicure 6 weeks ago. It’s just so temporary that why let the dark cloud hover?

Tomorrow we may all wake up on time, the baby will nap in perfect synch with my list of “to do’s”, we’ll effortlessly get out of the house for a play date AND dinner will be served promptly at 6pm. That does happen sometimes. Really.

However in the meantime I am glad for the little reminders to just laugh it off and move on.


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Lisa Rubin

2014-06-11 05:27:27 Reply

Your story made my morning!i will think of it whenever things feel overwhelming, dark or gloomy.
Thanks for the reminders.

Roddy O'Neil Cleary

2014-06-11 07:58:19 Reply

Thank you! In case my comment doesn’t make it above I’ll repeat: Your story made me laugh and cry.It filled me with gratitude for a gifted daughter in law, full of intelligence and a real capacity for joy.I love you.

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