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5th May


Maternity Leave, Episode 4: A Partner’s Journey

The journey to motherhood is a sacred and intimate one. It's hard to imagine anyone can know what we're going through when our transformation is so great.

However, there’s another journey happening at the same time. It’s personal, powerful and can often be  overlooked with all the attention that gets focused on baby and mama.

For this episode of Maternity Leave, I talked to my husband about his own journey through our pregnancy, birth and postpartum period and realized there was a lot I didn’t know about his experience. I hope you’ll find our conversation as fascinating as I did.

[information on the Babies & Brews event I mention can be found here. ]


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2015-05-06 06:33:08 Reply

A fantastic warm insight into how it feels from a partners side. Throughly enjoyed listening to you both vibe off each other and give an honest account of what your journey has and continues to be like…keep em coming 🙂

Roddy O'Neil Cleary

2015-05-06 14:19:17 Reply

Your voices were mesmerizing! Warm and musical! I loved the background score and whistling!
The overall message was pretty powerful… as in it takes two to birth a child! You validated my own experience in having you and your brother. It’s hard to imagine going through it alone, It deepens your regard for each other.
I learned something about my son…borderline narcoleptic!!! I always envied your father’s ability to nap at any time. It did recharge his batteries! also made him easy to live with. LMK Dayva :- )
I believe you have the makings of a sequel to “Call the Midwife” CONGRATULATIONS on important work..xo,xo


2015-05-08 15:00:41 Reply

What a refreshing conversation! So honest, open, and full of candor! Love your podcast. Keep ’em coming! (:

Amber deLaurentis

2015-05-31 12:14:42 Reply

Nicely done! Really appreciate hearing about your experience. As a non-parent, “keep doing the laundry” is mantra for all (as I was folding the laundry while listening…tee hee.) Neil, great music! Beautiful collaboration on all fronts, and what a great document of the two of you for Buck to appreciate down the line. Can’t wait to get to more of these… xo Amber

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