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30th Jun


Maternity Leave Ep 7: Infant Massage

The power of human touch is an incredible thing. A simple hug can lower our stress hormones and stimulate hormones that produce a feeling of love and calm.
As adults we know just how true this can be.

When it comes to babies the power of touch is even greater. Scientific studies show that gentle loving touch can stimulate growth, promote weight gain, improve cognitive development, lower stress levels and decrease gas and colic.

Infant massage is one of those rare moments in parenting where you just can’t go wrong. Everyone benefits from regular or even semi-regular infant massage.

On today’s podcast I’m talking with
Summer Sinclair owner and founder of
Summer and Sage Sacred Baby Massage. We’ll discuss all of the benefits of infant massage as well as what resources are available to help you learn the techniques yourself!

Please visit Summer’s website to find out more about her infant massage class schedule as well as how to purchase one of her amazing Sacred Baby Massage kits!

You can find Summer and her classes here at Wallaby along with lots of other great classes for the little ones!

You can find more info on the research of Dr. Tiffany Fields and the Touch Research Institute here.

The two books Summer references in the podcast are “Loving Hands” by Frederick Leboyer and “Infant Massage, A Handbook For Loving Parents” by Vimala Schneider McClure

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