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1st Jun


Maternity Leave Ep. 6 – Doula spotlight: Keya Merah Nkonoki

I love getting the opportunity to spread the word about our amazing doula community here in Southern California.

In today’s episode of Maternity Leave I’m talking to local Culver City based doula Keya Merah Nkonoki. In addition to being a birth and postpartum doula Keya is a gifted pre-natal, postpartum and mama & baby yoga teacher. As we talk all things doula related Keya shares with us the importance of incorporating yoga into your pre and post baby plan. Yoga is beneficial for body, mind and spirit as well as helping to build a community of other new and expecting mamas.

Keya’s radiant energy lights up this podcast and will leave you feeling the love.

You can find out more about Keya and her work on her site Hariatma

To find a yoga class with Keya check out The Moving Joint in Mar Vista, Zooga Yoga in Culver City or contact her directly for a private in home session!

Delicious Yogi Tea (also known as Chai tea) recipe:

In a large pot combine:
1 gallon filtered water
30 cardamon pods
30 whole cloves
30 pepper corns
5 cinnamon sticks
1 3 inch piece of ginger peeled and diced

Bring water to a boil then let simmer for 20-30 minutes (the longer you simmer the stronger it will be). Turn heat off and steep 1 or 2 black tea bags for 10-15 minutes.
Enjoy as is or serve with honey and milk to taste.

Hazelnut milk recipe:

In a high powered blender combine 1 cup hazelnuts and 3 cups filtered water.
Blend on high for 2 minutes and strain through a mesh “nut milk” bag
You can also do this with almonds.

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