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6th Apr


Maternity Leave doula spotlight : Becca Gordon

For this episode of Maternity Leave, I sat down with the amazing Becca Gordon whose bio is below.

I’m so excited to share our discussion. Becca talks about how her work as a yoga instructor led to her work in birth, and how one informs the other. We also discussed the principle of informed consent and how it can be an important and powerful tool during labor, birth and beyond.


This episode is full of insight, knowledge and love. Below are links to learn more about Becca and how to find her.

BeccaBecca Gordon is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and lactation educator, yoga instructor, partner and mama. Her goals are to help families have empowering pregnancies, positive memories of the day of their baby’s birth and easier transitions to parenthood. Becca is a native of Memphis, TN and currently lives in Glendale with her husband Lee and son Ezra. For more information about Becca’s business ventures, please visit, and




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