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19th Apr


Lighten up and laugh!

I wrote this well over a year ago but it’s a great reminder for all of us!

Dayvacare archives:

This weekend my husband had a old friend come to visit for a few days. Let me tell you, this house was full of laughter! I’m not saying we don’t usually laugh around here because we definitely make a game out of trying to crack each other up, but it really made me think about the positive effects laughter has in general.
It’s really so easy to laugh if you just open up and let yourself. Once you are laughing it’s near impossible to feel crappy, negative, bummed out, depressed, stressed or anxious. No wonder they say “laughter is the best medicine”.

I’m talking good roll on the floor, tears in the eyes, belly laugh. The kind that makes your sides hurt and leaves you feeling like you just did some sit ups.
A couple of months ago my study group was lucky enough to have one of our members lead us through a laughter yoga session. I will admit I was a little hesitant and skeptical at first not having tried it before. What a surprise! At the end as we all lay there on the floor everyone’s heads in the the middle making kind of a pinwheel the giggling was contagious and soon turned to full on laughter. It was even hard to stop laughing actually. As I was lying there I had tears in my eyes and my whole body felt like a huge weight had been lifted. A wave of total relaxation came over me. This was just from laughing!
As we all got up it was clear every single one of these 10 woman felt 100 times better than when we had started. We all had huge smiles on and even the lines on our faces had softened. (note to self.. laughing is better than wrinkle cream).
I am always looking for natural ways to help my clients heal themselves from anxiety and manage stress in their lives. Turns out laughter will do this. When we laugh we release serotonin and increase endorphins. These are our brains natural feel good chemicals that produce a pain-free, relaxed sense of well being. See, no drugs needed, just laughter.
So remember this during the week and take every opportunity to laugh out loud. Its contagious, you may get the whole room going. Now everyone will feel a bit lighter and brighter 🙂
Check out this article to read a bit more on the benefits of laughter on your health.

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