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22nd Jan


Joe’s Story: How taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing can have positive and lasting results!

Joe was blessed with a muscular physique and what he would call “an above average immune system”. He rarely got sick and if he did happen to catch a cold it never had him down for long. In fact, you could probably count his career sick days on two hands.

He’d inherited good genes and, working in construction, he’d been able to stay in shape to age 61 without worrying about diet or exercise. Aside from his daily bout with acid reflux he was never really too concerned with his health.

So you can imagine Joe’s surprise when, at his annual physical, he learned his cholesterol was alarmingly high. His doctor suggested medication to bring it down, but he’d probably have to take it for the rest of his life. Instead, Joe asked if he could first try to bring it down on his own. The doctor agreed, and they scheduled a re-test a few months later.

Clearly, Joe needed to make some lifestyle changes but he had no idea where to begin. He disliked restrictions and had never been a fan of the gym. He needed changes that were effective but specific to him, changes he could stick to long-term without cramping his lifestyle.

This is where I came in. First, we looked at what he was eating and what was missing. Always up for a challenge, Joe agreed to eliminate certain foods for just 30 days and see how it made him feel. We also added foods; clean, nutritionally dense food that was delicious. Then we talked about finding an exercise program that was right for him. Before you knew it (and with the help of his very supportive wife) Joe no longer skipped breakfast, he brought kale salads to work for lunch and kept healthy snacking options on hand at all times. He also discovered a new love for spinning class, making it easy to incorporate into his schedule.

Each week I would check in to see how he was doing. By week 2, his digestion issues had gone away, he was sleeping better and had more energy throughout the day. By week 3, he felt trimmer and more toned and was convinced he looked younger! After the 30 days were up he felt so great, he kept right on going with the changes he had made.

When Joe went back for the re-test, his doctor was so pleased with the number he agreed medication was unnecessary.

Unlike a restrictive “short-term-one-size-fits-all” type of diet, we had worked with Joe’s individual needs and goals. His diet and lifestyle changes were sustainable making it easier for him to maintain the success on his path of healthier living. Go Joe!

This is a story of dedication to well being. It’s a story of how, if we choose, we have the power to take matters of health into our own hands and turn things around for the better.

Do you have a health or lifestyle goal you’ve been meaning to address? Do you need a little support figuring out how to get from point A to point B? Contact me for a free initial health consultation in the month of February and to learn more about how Dayvacare can support you.

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Catherine Scharle

2014-01-22 17:17:12 Reply

Great story. I will try to eat better this month.
Aunt Katie


2014-01-22 17:56:33 Reply

Great writing. Accurate and uplifting. A few, relatively easy changes for a world of benefit. Thank You!


2014-01-22 18:39:24 Reply

You both rock! Thanks for all of your help and support Dayva!

Amber deLaurentis

2014-01-23 08:23:47 Reply

Love this, Dayva. It’s always nice to feel better, but also to have one less prescription. Go Joe!

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