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19th Nov


How a leaky diaper reminded me to “go with the flow” : A lesson in adaptability and resiliance

When my baby turned 5 weeks old, I was finally ready to throw caution to the wind and take him out to dinner. My husband and I love eating out in our neighborhood and I had been missing it. I was excited for the challenge of making the trip, even if we were only going a few blocks from our house.

While I got dressed, my husband changed the baby and packed the diaper bag. I put our little man in the sling and off we went.

We had almost made it to the restaurant when I noticed a warm sensation. It wasn’t excitement and it was spreading. “Did you remember to put a cover over the cloth diaper?” I asked my husband. He looked at me blankly. No cover, just cloth. Now the diaper was soaked through, the onesie was wet, and my shirt had a damp patch the size of a dinner plate. We looked at each other and all we could do was laugh, albeit sadly. We were both thinking the same thing: do we really have to turn around, go home and change? That would be the end of the evening, and we were so looking forward to dinner.

Desperate, we kicked into problem solving mode. Luckily, we were near our neighborhood rec center. I suggested we go change the baby in the rest room. My shirt was black and would dry quickly and besides, pee from a 5 week old couldn’t smell that bad, could it? My husband felt so bad about forgetting the diaper cover he offered to pay for dinner. We just kept laughing and shaking our heads. We were determined to do this!

With a dry baby and a somewhat dry mama we continued on our way. Thankfully, the rest of the evening was a success. The baby was delightful, we had a great meal and a newfound confidence in our parenting competency.

This was not the first time my infant son had helped me remember one of life’s lessons: we need to practice adaptability and resilience to get us through life’s ups and downs. Whether it’s something as small as a leaky diaper or as big like losing your job (which happened to me a couple months later) we need to be able to go with the flow, bend instead of break, and keep on keepin’ on.

Life experience is our best teacher. When we meet with adversity, we can choose how we respond. In the case of the leaky diaper I chose to laugh it off and go to dinner anyway. In the case of losing my job, I chose (after crying it out) to see it as an opportunity for a career change.

How about you? What happened today that made you more resilient and adaptable?

Didn’t that growth feel great? Let’s remember to be grateful for those opportunities.

Cheers to a more resilient and beautiful you!

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Heather A

2013-11-19 10:58:51 Reply

My new mantra is going to bend instead of break, and keep on keepin’ on!!! Love it and I need to remember it!! Sorry to hear about your job but your new career change sounds exciting, I fully support you!

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