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13th Apr


Eat green. And yellow, orange, purple, red…

This week I’ve decided to put down the meat and go vegan with my meal planning. I’m going to experiment with some recipe testing and dive into all those yummy spring veggies that are around right now.

Here’s a look at my meal planning for the week. Curious about the recipes? Check back here daily to find out!

*sauteed beets with hijiki served with ginger adzuki beans and steamed swiss chard

*maitake mushrooms and broccoli with simmered sesame tofu and green garlic

*Indian spiced lentil and black bean patties served with mixed spicy greens

*corn and potato chowder with spring onions and fresh dill

*Thai cabbage salad with peanut dressing

*Fava and mung bean hummus over spinach salad




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