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7th Apr


Do what you love and you will have fun with little stress!

Those are the words I am trying to live by right now. It really takes mindfulness and self discipline to try and stick to this mantra. First you have to find what you love. Then you have to do it. Then the good stuff follows.

I LOVE being in my kitchen. I love to cook, bake, experiment and make a mess. It’s truly my Zen. I love real whole food that nourishes and heals. Then I love to share what I am doing and teach people the things I learn and discover. I love to support people in identifying their goals to a healthier, happier life and then put a plan in action to reach those goals. That’s what Dayvacare is all about.

What do you love?

*Interested in learning more about Dayvacare and how it can help you? Message me about a free health history consultation.

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