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20th Jan


spiced rice

A few posts back I shared a recipe for squash curry as a winter staple we can eat to keep us healthy. We eat squash curry in our house about once a week and as I mentioned before, I am always trying new ways with the curry to keep it ...

14th Jan



I kind of knocked it out of the park tonight with dinner so I decided to post the recipe right away for you all to enjoy. A lot of people who meet me think I’m a vegetarian because I’m so focused on health and I’m ...

8th Jan



I love making lists! Probably because I love to cross things off lists. It makes me feel productive and I LOVE feeling productive. Lists are great because they help us stay focused, prioritize our day and be efficient with our time. I ...

3rd Jan



There are two things about me that have not changed since I was a kid. I strongly dislike winter and I LOVE being in the sun. Seriously, I could be having the most horrible day but if I am able to get a few minutes to soak up the ...

23rd Dec



My favorite recipes always have these three things: 1- They are super simple 2- I can make a bunch and eat it for a few days 3- I have the ingredients already on hand This recipe not only checked off all three boxes they are DELICIOUS ...

16th Dec



Tis the season for giving and I am in a giving mood! I’ve just recorded a super special guided meditation for you. Whether you need help falling asleep at night, a short rest in the middle of the day or a way to soothe that ...

19th Nov



When my baby turned 5 weeks old, I was finally ready to throw caution to the wind and take him out to dinner. My husband and I love eating out in our neighborhood and I had been missing it. I was excited for the challenge of making the ...

7th Apr



A post I saw on Instagram inspired this post. The challenge was to take on article of clothing and post pictures of yourself wearing it 5 days in a row in 5 different ways. I absolutely love this for so many reasons. It keeps getting ...

7th Apr



Those are the words I am trying to live by right now. It really takes mindfulness and self discipline to try and stick to this mantra. First you have to find what you love. Then you have to do it. Then the good stuff follows. I LOVE ...