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15th Apr


We make this slaw all the time at my house because it’s one of my husband’s favorites. I love it too because a bowl provides a huge serving of veggies, protein and healthy fats. As I was making this today I realized it ...

14th Apr


Last nights vegetarian dinner was a huge hit. These patties are so tasty and spiced just right. The cashew cream adds the perfect amount of coolness with hints of cucumber and mint. Recipe For the patties: (this will make about 5 nice ...

15th Mar


Ya know that feeling you get in the back of your mouth when you remember something really tasty that you love to eat? How your mouth will water just by thinking about something you find really delicious? For me that’s orange ...

12th Mar


Back in my other life when I consumed refined foods and processed sugar like a true junk food junky I could not pass up a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate coconut munchkin. Lucky for me I worked in the advertising industry for the better ...

7th Feb


I was just saying to some colleagues yesterday that I’m not great at recipe testing and then tonight I go ahead and make something gluten free, vegan, sugar-free and DELICIOUS! Lately, I’ve been really into buckwheat flour as a ...

22nd Jan


Joe was blessed with a muscular physique and what he would call “an above average immune system”. He rarely got sick and if he did happen to catch a cold it never had him down for long. In fact, you could probably count his career ...

20th Jan


A few posts back I shared a recipe for squash curry as a winter staple we can eat to keep us healthy. We eat squash curry in our house about once a week and as I mentioned before, I am always trying new ways with the curry to keep it ...

11th Nov


As much as possible, I try to eat the fruit and veg that are in season in my area. Luckily I live in California so I have a wider variety to choose from than my east coast family. Regardless, one thing we have in common is winter ...