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16th Apr



I dreamed these up the other day when I was trying to take a nap Super simple, dairy, grain free and almost vegan except for the honey but you could sub in maple syrup. These bars are so creamy and lemony its almost like you are eating ...

15th Apr



We make this slaw all the time at my house because it’s one of my husband’s favorites. I love it too because a bowl provides a huge serving of veggies, protein and healthy fats. As I was making this today I realized it ...

14th Apr



Last nights vegetarian dinner was a huge hit. These patties are so tasty and spiced just right. The cashew cream adds the perfect amount of coolness with hints of cucumber and mint. Recipe For the patties: (this will make about 5 nice ...

11th Apr



When I was a kid my two little brothers were huge fans of WWE. I wasn’t into watching it on TV but I did enjoy acting it out in our living room. We pretended we were tag teams – when one of us was in a tight spot or getting ...

22nd Jan



Joe was blessed with a muscular physique and what he would call “an above average immune system”. He rarely got sick and if he did happen to catch a cold it never had him down for long. In fact, you could probably count his career ...

20th Jan


spiced rice

A few posts back I shared a recipe for squash curry as a winter staple we can eat to keep us healthy. We eat squash curry in our house about once a week and as I mentioned before, I am always trying new ways with the curry to keep it ...

28th Oct


It's a boy!

Hello followers and likers of Dayvacare! I have been away for three months on the most exciting and wild ride of my life. On July 13th  at 1:52 pm my son came into this world in all of his light and glory. We have spent the last three ...

7th Apr



It can come in many shapes and forms. Not getting our own way, changes to a plan you have been looking forward to for months, something special getting cancelled, the market being out of your favorite yogurt just as you run out. Big or ...