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15th Oct



By guest author Meredith Kinsel-Ziter, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist   The journey to motherhood is so personal, so familiar… a coupling of lives, another human body made ...

1st Oct



In keeping with my good bugs, immune boosting, gut health theme, today I’m talking about sauerkraut and showing you just how easy-peasy it is to make. Sauerkraut is another one of those foods that will cost you $5-$8 a jar and ...

25th Sep



Ah, mom life. Trying to get it all done and be the best that we can be. Usually on a tight time frame and tight budget. Doing our best to keep our families well fed, well slept, well played and healthy. Lately I’ve been focusing ...

6th Sep



There’s a grey line between my kitchen pantry and my medicine cabinet. The reason being, there’s lots of food that’s not only good for your insides but good for your outside too. One exceptional benefit of using food as beauty ...

31st Aug



Dayvacare Vermont vacation is officially over and we are all back to life as we know it here in LA. Any time I come back from vacation there always seems to be an adjustment period.  I’m often left feeling a bit blah or ...

7th Jul


39 weeks

When I got pregnant in the fall of 2012 I was an avid Crossfitter. I had been going 3-4 times a week for about a year and a half. I was knocking out PRs on my dead lifts, hang cleans and back squats like nobody’s business. I was able ...

10th Jun



I’m not going to lie folks, It’s been a rough few days at the Dayvacare household. We’re all getting over colds, the baby has 4 teeth coming in at the same time, hubs had minor surgery and we’re all a little ...

29th May



There are lots of recipes online for variations of this turkey burger but at the risk of bragging I think mine is kinda the best of the best The other day when the baby was napping I prepped the meat and the peanut sauce and kept them ...

15th May



Folks, I’m about to tell you all something that is going to make you love me. We need to eat more fat. Lots and lots of good quality saturated fat. The kind of fat that’s gone missing since the 1950’s when we saw a decline in ...

21st Apr



My two biggest tips for not eating bad food during the week is to: A) Not have that stuff on hand B) Prepare real whole food meals at home My biggest tip for being able to make those meals at home? Have a plan! Weekly meal planning is ...