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Dayvacare is Dayva Savio, a Los Angeles based postpartum doula.
Having spent over a decade in advertising, Dayva saw first-hand the struggles women faced returning to work after their maternity leave. After her son was born in 2013, she felt called to develop her own postpartum care practice.
             Caring for others has come naturally to Dayva from a young age. She is passionate about mothering the mother and creating a peaceful space for mama and baby to bond. She draws upon the wisdom of many cultures to help a mother regain her vitality after childbirth.
          With Dayva’s support, couples are able to gently make the transition into their new roles as parents and feel confidant in own their natural abilities.
           Additionally Dayva is an IIN-certified holistic health coach and California licensed massage therapist.
When she is not working with new families Dayva hosts a bi-monthly podcast called Maternity Leave.