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22nd Jan



Joe was blessed with a muscular physique and what he would call “an above average immune system”. He rarely got sick and if he did happen to catch a cold it never had him down for long. In fact, you could probably count his career ...

20th Jan


spiced rice

A few posts back I shared a recipe for squash curry as a winter staple we can eat to keep us healthy. We eat squash curry in our house about once a week and as I mentioned before, I am always trying new ways with the curry to keep it ...

14th Jan



I kind of knocked it out of the park tonight with dinner so I decided to post the recipe right away for you all to enjoy. A lot of people who meet me think I’m a vegetarian because I’m so focused on health and I’m ...

8th Jan



I love making lists! Probably because I love to cross things off lists. It makes me feel productive and I LOVE feeling productive. Lists are great because they help us stay focused, prioritize our day and be efficient with our time. I ...

3rd Jan



There are two things about me that have not changed since I was a kid. I strongly dislike winter and I LOVE being in the sun. Seriously, I could be having the most horrible day but if I am able to get a few minutes to soak up the ...